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Medium category are all of the bloggers that we believe are worthy of paying attention


Medium is an online community of bloggers who are able to write about pretty much anything that they want from fashion, to travel, to their thoughts on a number of different issues. However, one area that is particularly popular on Medium is cryptocurrency with a number of individuals blogging about various aspects of the industry on a regular basis.

Searching for those individuals can be tricky, but listed in our Medium category are all of the bloggers that we believe are worthy of paying attention to for their knowledge and opinions about the world of cryptocurrency. They post regularly, they post information and details that you really do want to know about, and the information that they have at their disposal could easily help you in making a decision as to what you will buy or sell next.

By compiling this list, we believe that we have brought to you the correct people for pointing you in the right direction in the cryptocurrency industry. With a mixture of professionals and enthusiastic individuals who just delve into buying and selling a variety of digital currencies, you will have everything at your disposal that will help to shed additional light on the industry.

Not only will these pages inform you, but discussions are allowed at the bottom of each post with that alone being able to provide you with useful tips and hints as well as those opportunities that you are best to avoid. Written in a friendly and informative manner, you will discover posts aimed at everybody no matter the level of knowledge that you may have at this moment in time.

But then, these pages will not only have written posts but also diagrams, charts, sometimes videos really explaining the key points that they are trying to make. We firmly believe that Medium is a wonderful source to explore, and we highly recommend starting things off with the pages that we have listed below.