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Lightning Network

Operating as a secondary layer on top of the blockchain when linked to Bitcoin

Lightning Network

If you have never heard of the concept of the Lightning Network, then we firmly believe that this is something that needs to change. Operating as a secondary layer on top of the blockchain when linked to Bitcoin. The idea is that this will then allow for faster processing of transactions with the transaction then settling on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This is something that has been around since 2015, and it does promise to completely change so many different areas of the industry that deals with Bitcoin. It incorporates user-channels and can also allow for fast and repeated payments to be made between individuals while operating in a trust-less manner. The number of ways in which this is now being used is multiplying on a continual basis, so being aware of how it operates is important for anybody that is looking at getting involved in buying or selling Bitcoin.

The links that we have collected here are going to not only tell you more about this lightning network idea but also how you too can get started with it all. We have checked to make absolutely certain that the links are to the kind of standard that we expect, which means you are able to trust them with everything that they offer without being worried about your security of potentially losing money as well.

This is undoubtedly something that you will be hearing more of in the not too distant future, and being ready for it will prove to be rather useful. Check out a number of the links below to see how it will be of benefit to you while using cryptocurrencies even if it is primarily just via Bitcoin at this moment in time.