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Brain Wallets

Brain wallets are mainly available just for Bitcoin

Brain Wallets

Brain wallet providers are able to provide you with the means to secure your Bitcoin accounts using your mind. If you are at all confused about this, then you are not alone, and yet there are a number of people that are turning to this type of wallet due to the various security risks that tend to come with other versions that are already out there on the market.

A Bitcoin wallet comes with an address, and if you forget that address then you are going to effectively be locked out of your account and your Bitcoins are lost forever. The problem here is that these wallets and their addresses are complex and if you note them down and then lose that note, then you can see how you have a major problem to overcome.

A brain wallet changes all of that by helping you to create an address and private key that is far more memorable, and yet still provides you with absolute security, which is something that everyone wants. These sites make the process so much easier than you could ever imagine, allowing you to take those first steps and create a brand new wallet that you are just never going to be locked out of.

At this moment in time, there are not a lot of providers for this kind of wallet, but we have searched for those that will not only help you, but will provide you with something that you can trust. You should also rest assured that your Bitcoins are going to be kept safer than ever before and provide you with another storage option that you may have never considered.

Brain wallets are mainly available just for Bitcoin, so if you are concerned about the private key and address and are searching for an alternative option, then you have found what you are looking for.