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This is a discussion group focusing on honest projects. You can post thoughtful questions or opinions, you can share information and news about cryptocurrencies. You can share your cryptocurrency blog, videos, charts, as long as they are not directly about referral links. Make sure and use the search function first before asking a question, and report posts that you do not think to belong to the moderators and admins. Yes, there are lots of rules, but this is a voluntary group and these rules were made over years with group consensus as they were needed.

New Rules:

Moderators will only remove reported posts, if your post was deleted a member reported it. Please report any post you think does not fit with the CCC. This is subjective and if your post is deleted don’t worry too much about it, that said, only report posts if you think it should be deleted and is some kind of problem that has risen to the point of yourself and admins wasting time on it.

All members, including moderators, are expected to act reasonable and not waste the time of other members with drama. It is ok to be silly and have fun, but just use common sense. Please don’t troll others or be disrespectful, don’t test people to see if they call you on it. Don’t be a jerk, it is really not that hard. Thank you.