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SCM - Suppoman's Crypto Masterminds
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About This Group


A Cryptocurrency Group for Suppoman's students!



- Don't post referral links.

- Don't post useless things like: "BQX IS GOING UP" or "THIS OR THAT IS GOING DOWN" (We all have Blockfolio, we can see whats going on)

- If you have news, back it up with a link.

- Don't use gifs or memes in comments, they are useless.

- Behave yourself, we are all adults.

- Speak only English in this group

- Don't promote other facebook/telegram whatever groups.

- If i delete your post, do not repost it. If you want to argue with me about a post, send me a message, so i can explain why it has been deleted.

Some people were asking for this so here it is. When you post something, keep these rules in mind so you won't get banned/blocked.

Thanks in advance and enjoy!

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