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The Bitcoin Doco
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This website is a real-time account of progress on The Bitcoin Doco a project – a 3 pt series about cryptocurrencies / bitcoin in Australia.

Mainstream media would have us believe that cryptocurrencies are insecure, unstable, fads, ponzi schemes, an avenue for money laundering or for trafficking drugs. We are on a mission to uncover and present the real stories, the personal stories and the impact that cryptocurrencies are having on peoples’ lives here in Australia.

What we are discovering is a strong, community of people coming together to make Bitcoin user friendly, safe and secure. We’ve also found that people have a lot of questions about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, and are really curious to know how it all works. These are the questions we intend to answer in the mini series.

The elegant combination of Dale’s experience and connections together with Chris’s attention to detail and professional, on-the-fly approach is guaranteed to deliver a unique inside perspective.