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LibertyLifeTrail by Tone Vays
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About the Blog

The name LibertyLifeTrail combines 3 concepts which are the fundamental backbone of the theme:

Liberty – as defined by it’s basic definitions is the concept of being free. More importantly however, this represents the understanding of personal responsibility and respect of property which come along with the concept of freedom.

Life – is another concept emphasized in the blog with posts that try to show all the good there is in the world and living life to the fullest. At a time when knowing the truth about the Economics and Politics around us can make it seem like there is no hope, just remember that people have thought that way for thousands of years and ‘Life’ does go on so make the most of it. The ‘Travel’ category will be the centerpiece of this small getaway.

Trail – refers to the guide that the articles will provide. Everyone should think for themselves. This blog is not intended to create die hard followers of ideas and opinions presented. One of the focuses is to provide as much information as possible for a person to make up their own ‘educated’ mind. Very often when the ‘Main Stream Media’ is only showing you one side of the story, we will provide links to additional sources that will explain the other side since there are always multiple sides to every story.