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Blockchain Disruption: How Bitcoin Technology Creates a Sharing Economy | Thomas Ramge
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"Blockchain Disruption: How Bitcoin Technology Creates a Sharing Economy" at TEDxHamburg ( Thomas Ramge is the technology correspondent of the German business magazine brand eins and a contributing editor to The Economist. He also serves as chief explaining officer of the US-German analytics company QuantCo - a Harvard spin off, where Thomas bridges knowledge gaps between business lines, quants and techies. Thomas has published several bestselling non-fiction books and won numerous national publishing awards. His first novel hit the bookstores last year. In his workshops and keynotes on digitization Thomas explores the opportunities of crunching the right data sets in a smart way. That means: Getting more (customer-) insights by asking the right business questions first. His most recent book calls this approach Smart Data – which also refers to a concept on how traditional companies can kickstart digital transformation.