Investing in Ethereum: Understanding Cryptocurrencies for the Smart Investor
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Like most of you reading this book, I’m just a regular guy with a regular day job. I began my investing career, more of a hobby really, when I got my first paycheck when I was 15 and opened my first bank account. I’ve expanded my horizons as I’ve gone through life, especially with a wife, a mortgage, and kids.

I believe in “smart investing” – this means no get-rich-quick schemes but also not passively letting your money sit idle in a checking account or your grandmother’s mattress. A smart investor studies before executing any potential trade and understands the risks and rewards that come with investing. I developed an interest in cryptocurrencies after learning of Bitcoin several years ago. I was fortunate enough to “get in” early in the game and sold many of my Bitcoins at a handsome profit, though I still hold a fair number as well.

My knowledge of Bitcoin lead me down the path of other cryptocurrencies before I came across the Ethereum platform. As I will explain in the book, Ethereum sets itself apart from other similar networks through its use of smart contracts. This is why I believe that Ether, the cryptocurrency that Ethereum requires to operate, is a smart investment to add to a well-diversified portfolio.

This book should NOT be construed as just plain investing advice. I am in no way advocating that you should throw your life savings in cryptocurrencies or raid the retirement fund for this purpose. You may even finish this book and decide that Ether is not for you, and that’s completely fine. This book is meant to be a guide and a starting point to enter the exciting world of cryptocurrency investing. It begins with a background on what cryptocurrencies are, then is followed with a description of Ethereuem. I hope you find this book as useful as I found