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The Digital Money Game
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The Digital Money Revolution is a Tsunami that appears poised to radically change almost every industry building and breaking brands as it progresses. This affects more than just the Payments Industry. So how will all this affect you, and what do you need to know to stay ahead? This book, for the first time, recognises and describes Digital Money as a newly emerging trillion dollar industry which aims to make payments pervasive and could infiltrate the daily lives of every person on this planet. It explains how digital money overturns traditional business models and affects most other industries as well, as it changes the way people pay and get paid.

Based upon in-depth research and analysis of nearly 2000 different digital money initiatives launched by nearly 5000 players in over 200 countries and territories, this book offers insights on the perspectives of each of the multiple industries now involved, to explain the nature of convergence we detect, and addresses questions and share highlights from practitioner research over the last 10 years in the field of financial services, payments and remittances.

This book is not just for payment experts in large organisations, but for anyone who wants to understand how people pay, and how this is changing in each part of the world. It is designed to help you to spot opportunities and gain confidence and insights to channel your work in a way that benefits you, and the markets you serve. It does not matter whether you work in a multi-national conglomerate or a one-person operation. If you understand what’s happening, there could be a commercial benefit for you. If you don’t there could be a risk.

This book addresses multiple functional areas and levels: Chief Executives, Technologists, Business Development, Market Development and Product Development executives from Banking, Cards, Money Transfer, Telecoms, Payments, Technology, Retail, and Venture Financing Industries.

Digital Money includes, but is not confined to cryptocurrencies. This book puts cryptocurrencies in context and discusses the challenges facing regulators on how to create an equitable playing field, brought to the forefront by crypto currencies, which, at the time of writing includes 750+ coins of various descriptions, most modelled on Bitcoin.

The digital money approach described in this book can help you create products and services that are secure, convenient and empowering to a whole range of consumers, across a variety of channels. As collaboration is becoming increasingly vital, it should help formulate strategies on how to partner and compete, sometimes with the same players, depending on the service, geography and other factors.

The case studies in this book are designed to help inspire, encourage and forearm you with practical insights to help win in the race for new services. The goal is to create a shift in thinking – from merely addressing the new opportunity provided by mobile phones, to launching holistic services that build solid brands.

By the time you have finished the book you should have a better understanding of how to stay ahead in this fast growing industry. Whether you are a consumer or a business, whether you plan to create a career for yourself or shape the fate of your company, you will benefit from a landscape view of the kinds of services that are being launched around the world, how they