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Everything you need to know about buying, selling and investing in Bitcoin
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From October 2010 the price of BitCoin went from 5c to US$160 this kind of growth over a few years is nothing short of incredible, no wonder everyone is talking about it. This book is a simple guide to get to know all you need to know about the crypto currency BitCoin. I am sure you probably have a whole lot of questions and I try to answer all of them in this book. Questions like - What Is A Cryptocurrency? How Do I Get Started In Digital Currency? Why Was BitCoin Started? Who Started BitCoin? What Is BitCoin & how does it function? What Is Single, Double, And Triple Accounting, And How Does It Pertain To BitCoin? Is BitCoin Fraudulent Or A Scam? Or a Ponzi scheme? Is It Possible To get Free BitCoins & factors to look into regarding mining How Do I Mine BitCoins? What If Someone Bought All The Existing BitCoins? How Many Bit Coins Are There? What is a 51 percent attack and double spending Won't the loss of wallets and the finite amount of BitCoins create excessive deflation, destroying BitCoin? What Happens If Someone Starts Another Block Chain Or Cryptocurrency? How does Test mining before buying and mining from your website work? How Do I Secure My Wallet? As well as many other Bitcoin ential pitfall FAQ's Buying BitCoins, the cost and legality Should I Buy BitCoins? Information on other Alternative Currencies Your Fears and laws about BitCoin This book is a must for anyone looking into using BitCoins and