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Blockchain: Quick Start Guide to Understanding Blockchain, the Biggest Revolution in Financial Technology and Beyond Since the Internet
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At its core, a blockchain is simply a database used for cataloging information. What makes blockchain unique is that the database is distributed across a network of users and is maintained by records or “blocks” that any user can add to. Each new block contains information that links it to the most recent block in the chain.

Why does blockchain matter?

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that was created for bitcoin, but has since found a wide variety of other applications from ecommerce and retail, to securing health care records, to maintaining all kinds of important databases. Chances are your life has already been impacted by a blockchain database. The influence of blockchain continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, leading some people to call it the greatest technological revolution since the internet!

Understand blockchain!

Don't get left behind as this important technology reshapes the world around you.

Grab this guide to blockchain today and learn:

The History of Blockchain

Where did blockchains begin?

How does the blockchain system actually work?

Why Blockchain Matters

How Blockchain can keep information private and secure

The Problems With Blockchain

Who’s Using Blockchain Right Now?

The Future of Blockchain

Reasons to be Cautious About Blockchain

How you can use blockchain

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