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Widely regarded as being the largest Bitcoin broker around, Coinbase is based in San Francisco and has been responsible for trades of digital currencies that amounts to more than $6bn. Furthermore, they have close to 6 million individual users while also operating in over 30 different countries around the world.

Operating as not only an exchange but also a brokerage and supplier of digital wallets; it is viewed as being an easy way for people to get involved in Bitcoin trading due to the way in which the interface and trading options are so easy to follow. In addition, they provide higher trading limits than most and you can make an instant purchase via your credit or debit card meaning you have no need to worry about going through several conversions in other exchanges first.

Offering a range of fees depending on the payment transfer option as well as your location, you will be able to receive your payments instantly in most countries. However, a bank or SEPA transfer is going to take several days, which is standard across the industry.

Coinbase is also big on your security with you being required to provide two forms of identification when creating your account. This will also include a photograph of either your driver’s license or passport when you plan on using your credit card.

With it being a regulated company within the United States, and also thanks to its backing by a series of major investors, Coinbase is a safe platform for buying and selling Bitcoin. Their fees are competitive and there are certainly more than enough options when it comes to trades. Overall, they provide individuals with a smooth and professional service with good customer service that can deal with any issues that you may have during any trade.